isaac education

isaac is an edtech whose main function is to simplify the lives of sponsors and schools in terms of financial education, so that it can do what it does best: provide quality education to students in Brazil.

  • Year: 2021 to 2022
  • Duration: 12 months
  • My hole: product designer lead
  • Credits on the end of this page.
isaac education

First product version

The first existing version of the product, developed prior to my joining the team, can be found below and was developed over a few months and can be classified as the first MVP.



1) The first version of the product was developed with a single view, both for schools and for analysts, which resulted in an excess of information for schools and absence of important features for analysts.

2) Poorly defined value proposition, precisely because it is a single application, with different accesses seeing the same content.

3) The inconsistent visual resulted in visual discrepancies throughout the experience, as well as hampering the project's scalability. Confused and a little bit ugly.

The process

For development, we use Design Thinking and its particularities to help build the product.

In addition to building a new product, we also were building a new team, we designed, in parallel, the design principles that would guide our values, as well as the structure of our process. Everything from scratch.



    Desk research
    Insights and
    opportunities mapped


    Site map
    Journeys and flows


    Usability tests


    Design System
    Definition and
    monitoring of product
    and business metrics


After many processes, all in a very cyclical way, the results began to appear in the form of a much more elaborate, consistent and purpose-built product, solving the main pain points of the problems listed in the product understanding phase.

Problem results

1) Different versions for schools <> analysts <> families.

2) Better defined value proposition, with an understanding of the desired market share.

3) Consistent visuals, with a structured Design System and initial studies on accessibility.

New visual

The product's structure, flows and journeys were defined, as well as a new look for it, which can be seen in some product screens below.


Desktop version (for schools)

Home and Onboarding process

Desktop version (for schools)

School dashboard

Desktop version (for schools)


Desktop version (for schools)


The amazing B2B design team who made this happen was Luigi Parrini, Karina DeLuca, Victor Gomes, Beatriz Garcia and Maísa Burnett.

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