Samsung (PENUP)

PENUP app is a social network for people who like to draw and interact with creative friends through an app that allows users to make art on their cell phones with the S-Pen, from Samsung - SIDIA.

  • Year: 2019-2020
  • Duration: 12 months
  • My hole: product designer lead
  • Credits on the end of this page.
Samsung (PENUP)

Main challenge

Transform PENUP, at the time only in a mobile version, for desktop and tablets.

Use a visual mix between UWP (Samsung computers, with Windows operating system) and ONEUI (Samsung mobile operating systems).


The process

For development, we use Design Thinking and its particularities to help build the product.



    Desk research
    Insights and opportunities mapped


    Site map
    Overview and flows


    Usability tests


    Samsung documentation
    Design System

Overview and flows

Due to the complexity of the project, detailed flows were needed to understand and follow up on the project, thinking that in addition to an draw editing tool, the application should also have an interactive and shareable social network among users.



As the project's proposal is that the new PENUP could be used on tablets with S-Pens and computers, it was necessary to predict all the interactions that users would have on each of these peripherals and apply them to page interactions.

Main challenge results

The team was able to create, develop and test within the time proposed for the project, in addition to having performed the necessary mix between the two interfaces (UWP and ONEUI), realizing what Samsung wanted from the product.

New visual

The product's structure, flows and journeys were defined, as well as a new look for it, which can be seen in some screens below.

Home (Discover)

Light mode version

Home (Discover)

Dark mode version

Profile and Image edition

Light mode version

Plus I

Samsung considered this a reference project and it was presented as a successful case at the 2019 SDC (Samsung Developers Conference), in the United States.

Plus II

For version 2.0, we refactored the entire application and created a bridge between python, Figma and the development environment, generating greater collaboration between design and development. Thus, ensuring greater product quality and more freedom of choice for the look & feel.


Murilo Hennemann was the amazing product designer who made this happen.

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